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Hey there! I go by the name of Soap (a pun on my real name and also because I always wash my hands real nice 'n' thorough, cuz personal hygiene rulez! Fun fact: Warm water kills germs faster :-] ) I want to be either an animator or an artist when I get out of school (alive and in one piece haha). I also take an interest in character design and game development. Even if I am shy sometimes, I always try my best to reach out and get to know new people!

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Here's some of the things I like:

Hobbies Drawing, reading, sleeping, listening to music
Favourite food Chocolate, quiche, burgers, chicken curry with naan bread, pasta
Favourite breakfast cereal Nutri-Grain (the breakfast cereal sent down from the GODS... right into my bowl. Yum)
Favourite visual artists / animators Tyson Tan, Van Gogh, Don Bluth, Richard Williams
Favourite bands / musical artists The Beatles, HOME, Akiko Shikata, a bunch of indie bands and classical music
Favourite books OY series, Stella Street series, 1984, Animal Farm, Boku no Hero Academia (manga)
Favourite movies/shows/cartoons Yellow Submarine, The Thief and The Cobbler: Recobbled Cut, SaH
Favourite games Touhou Hisoutensoku, Deltarune, Rachet and Clank
Favourite drawing programs Photoshop, Krita

Other places you can find me:
Discord (supers0apy#4873)
Twitch channel
My Email

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